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Awesome with my son’s first haircut!! Posted by: five4fytin

The Yellow Balloon® is the best salon for kids and adults alike!
My two daughters have been going there since their very first cuts. Sabrina & her staff have always made each cut an enjoyable experience and their cuts are gorgeous!!! I highly recommend them. Posted by: Evette K.

We LOVE The Yellow Balloon®! Twice a year, during our trips to Los Angeles from New York City, a visit to The Yellow Balloon® is an absolute must to get fabulous haircuts–along with barrettes, glitter, hair bands, brushes, and, most importantly for me, high-quality, hard-to-find hair products for kids. My kids will not get their hair cut anywhere else, even if that means hardly being able to see past their overgrown bangs. The staff combines wonderfully caring, attentive treatment with the savvy knowledge that comes from years of experience dealing with impatient, wiggly kids. My daughter loves the “princess” experience of her styling; my son requires a cardio effort for a trim that safely retains his long curls rather than a hasty chop job. (I would trust only this place to cut the eight inches off her hair that my daughter requested last summer.) Both kids, meanwhile, love the festive atmosphere, available diversions (toys, snacks, even mini-vehicles and games), and the warm welcome our entire always receives. Posted by: Alison R. New York, NY

I was worried that my son would be freaked out by his first haircut, but The Yellow Balloon® was as great of an experience as he could have had. Sabrina worked fast and entertained him the whole time, and gave him a terrific cut. We waited a long time to cut his hair b/c he has amazing locks that we were afraid to let anyone touch! But she took off just enough, gave it shape, much more easy to manage, etc. I only wish he needed haircuts more often because now he can’t wait to go back! Posted by: Jessica R. Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to send a shout out to The Yellow Balloon®! I have been going there for almost 5 years and can’t say enough great things about the place! Cute, adorable, and so kid friendly!
From the fresh popped popcorn, to the games to keep the kids busy , The Yellow Balloon® they receive on their way out-makes it the perfect perfect environment for kids of all ages!
The hairstylists are are all friendly and genuinely have a love of children…with so many kids it still amazes me how they all know my kids and their names. The stylists are cutting edge and are up to date on all the best trends!
They go out of there way to make you feel that you are getting more than a haircut but that you are getting a family experience! Did I mention they also cut, color and do amazing blow-outs for adults so it can really be a family day of beauty-lol! I highly recommend this place and know that if you try it you will agree! Posted by: Alyssa B. Woodland Hills, CA

I really enjoyed our experience at The Yellow Balloon®. Vic cut my son’s hair and he was patient and sweet. I loved that he even shared a cookie with my little one (he asked if he could first which is always a plus). I enjoyed my conversation with Vic. We will definitely go back.
The space was a bit chaotic with color and stuff, but maybe I’m a nut, I felt comfy there. :) Posted by: Melanie B. Los Angeles, CA

The Yellow Balloon® is great if you want an actual cut and style for your kiddies. I’ve been to some salons where they’re just trying to get my boy’s bangs cut successfully before he grabs the scissors and starts looking like a scene out of “Son of Chucky.”
They take their time and make sure everything is even-Steven and looks great, all while alternately distributing toys and cookies. Genius! Layers on a toddler? It can happen. Trust. Posted by: T M. Encino, CA

My 2-1/2 year old daughter went this afternoon for her first haircut ever. A local acquaintance suggested we try the stylist, Maiza, and she was wonderful. So sweet and fun towards my little girl, but without being patronizing or overwhelming. Just the right amount of excitement. She gave her a wonderful cut and blowdry and asked us how we wanted it done every step of the way so we wouldn’t freak out or end up with a cut too short or not enough.
There were several other children getting their hair cut at the same time and the salon was clean and under control. Only a couple of the parents were annoying!
It wasn’t too loud at all, but I’m sure it gets nutty in there during times when they have screamers. I understand that a lot of children do cry out of fear during these early haircuts. On that note, we had a pleasant and lucky visit I guess.
I would definitely suggest this location for your child’s haircut – especially their first. You get a special photo taken and children always receive a ballon, a lollipop and a little toy. I’m so glad my daughter’s first experience was a positive one! Posted by: Amy A. Los Angeles, CA